Mrs. Nashelia Hall 7/3-8/3

Welcome IMPS to East Cary Middle School!


July 24, 2016:  Mobymax and KhanAcademy

These are free tools/resources that students will use in EE as well as for homework to practice skills or work ahead!  Class codes for KhanAcademy will be given out at meet the teacher or sent home this week.  All students under 13 will require permission.  If you give consent then you can go ahead and have your child create an account if they don’t already have one because their account will be linked to your email.  Ultimately, you control their account (those under 13) but you will need to add me as a coach so that I can have access to progress monitoring tools and can see and monitor their progress and determine next steps.  I will send a handout of the differences in the accounts of the students who are 13 and those who are under 13 and require parental permission to create a Khan Academy account.

This information below is taken directly from the Khan Academy website:

The process is easy. Parents can create accounts for their children under 13 by following these 2 quick steps:

  1. Creating a parent account for yourself using a Facebook, Google, or other email account. You’ll use your account to see your child’s progress and manage their Khan Academy account.
  2. Creating an account for your child. You won’t need to provide an email address for your child or even their real name. No personal information about your child is needed. Just make sure to pick a unique username and password that you and your child can both remember!

Teachers can also create accounts for students under 13, but they must provide a parent email address for each child. If a teacher creates an account for your child, you’ll receive an email notification, and you’ll have the option to delete your child’s account.

Thank you!

First day of School:  July 11, 2016

Please fill out the form below so that I can have the most updated information related to you and your child incase of emergencies or for parent/teacher communication.  You will need to use the scroll bar to the right of the form to see all of the document and to submit.  Please complete by July 15, 2016.

Also click on your child’s math class page to access the invite to sign up for class reminders using the remind 101 app! 

Free online graphing calculator instructions and link

Calculator Download Instructions


If you have a reflex acccount follow the instructions to access the website:

Go to


Click > launch (in the top right corner)

Username: nhall3

Password:  initials and 2 digit number given to you by Mrs. Hall!


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