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August, 21, 2017

Use the following link to self enroll in the teaching videos so that you can have access to them as they are assigned each unit.  You will need to use your Wake County log in information once you click the link to actually get logged into the canvas and then it will allow you to self enroll.

EOC and EOG Interactive Practice Website

EOC Released Video Explanations:  Click the link below to access the  youtube video explanations.  You will need to copy past the urls into a web browser.

Youtube Videos of Explanations for the NC EOC Released Test

April 10, 2017

CCM1 Qtr 4 wk 3 warmup:  Q4 Week 3 CC1

M8 Qtr 4 wk 3 warmup: ccm8_qtr4_week3

Unit 6:  One Variable Statistics:  click the following link to view the powerpoint referenced in class.


March 13, 2017:  Qtr 3 wk 8 warmups

CCM1:  Q3 Week 8 CC1    Math 8:  ccm8_qtr3_week8

March 6, 2017 : Qtr 3 wk 7 warmups

CCM1:  Q3 Week 7 CC1       Math 8:  ccm8_qtr3_week7

January 17, 2017: q3-week-3-cc1

Dec. 7, 2016:  Unit 4 Exponential Functions Videos

Multiple Representations and Key Features of Functions: 

Writing Exponential Functions

Transformation of Exponential Functions

Using Exponential Functions to Solve Problems

Comparing and Contrasting Exponential Functions

Sept. 28, 2016

Click the link below for the  Quarter 1 Review for your Math 8 Benchmark on Friday!


10/18/2016   Unit 3 Systems of Equations

The MidPoint Formula

Notes:  the-midpoint-formula

parallel-and-perpendicular-lines:  For this video you will need to place your cursor in the top left margin of the video and click.  The entire playlist will display for CCM1.  You then scroll until you find the parallel and perpendicular lines video.

Solving Systems of Equations Graphically and by Using Tables

Notes:  solving-systems-of-linear-equations-graphically-and-by-using-tables

Solving Systems of Linear Equations Algebraically

Notes:  solving-systems-of-linear-equations-algebraically-1

Linear Inequalities

Notes:  linear-inequalities-1

Unit 2 Review Answer Key

Sept. 12, 2016

Unit 2:  Linear Functions

Below is the list of videos for Unit 2 as well as the links to click on the access the notes. This unit will last the rest of the quarter and about a week or so into 2nd quarter.  Some quizzes will count as major grades but I will let you know which ones as we work through the units.








Mon. Aug. 22, 2016          Happy Tracking In IMPS!!!

It is time to get down to business as we have a lot to learn.  You will need to  watch and complete the notes for the following videos for homework to help you understand functions and be successful on this half of Unit 1! The video notes are due on the day of the Assessment for Unit 1B.  You can actually click the link above each video to print out the notes if you want to start this weekend!

Math 8 Identifying Functions – Functions on the Graphing Calculator NOTES

Math 8 Identifying Functions – Writing & Evaluating Functions NOTES

Math 8 Identifying Functions – Function Rules NOTES (1)

Math 8 Identifying Functions – What is a Function NOTES (1)

Writing Linear Equations (Translating Between Recursive and Explicit Rules) (1)

Now Next Rules (3)

Day 1: July 11, 2016

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syllabus CCMI Hall ECMS 16-17

If you need a refresher on combining like terms or distributive property, click the links below to watch the videos.  It is important that you have a superior understanding of these 2 concepts from day 1!

Unit 1:  Introduction to Functions and Equations

This unit is scheduled to take 22 days to complete.  The videos are not necessarily listed in the order in which we will cover the material.  There is a lot to cover related to understanding functions so get ready for the function experience.  GO IMPS!

Solving Linear Equations in One Variable

Solving Inequalitites in One Variable


Key Features of Functions

Relating graphs to events

Doman and Range