Math 7

Hello Impsters,

Use the following link to self enroll in the teaching videos so that you can have access to them as they are assigned each unit.  You will need to use your Wake County log in information once you click the link to actually get logged into the canvas and then it will allow you to self enroll.

Tues. 4-5-16

Properties of Triangles

Find Missing Angles of Triangles

Weds. 3-30-16

Using a Protractor

Mon.  3-28-16

Mean Absolute Deviation

Mon. 3-14-16

Comparing Dot Plots (watch tonight 3-14)

What makes a good sample?


Comparing Box Plots


Weds. Jan. 20, 2015

Theoretical Probability

Experimental Probability

Independent Events

Dependent Events

Tree Diagram


Weds. Dec. 16, 2015:

Solving Proportions

Similar Figures and scale factor

Percent of a Number (notes for this should be completed for homework 12/16/15)

Simple Interest (notes for this should be completed for homework 12/17/15)

Discount, Tax and Tip (notes for this should be completed for homework 12/17/16)

Math Percent Error (will 

Percent Increase or Decrease


Mon. Oct. 5, 2015:  TOC Math 7 7+ revised  Click the link to access the table of contents.  You will have to click on the words sheet 2 at the bottom of the page to see the IMN TOC.

Fri. Oct. 2, 2015:  You need to watch both videos and take notes by printing out the sheets yourself or just writing them in your IMN on the next available page.  Have a great weekend!

CCM8 Squaring a Number

CCM8 Finding Perfect Square Roots

Sun. Sept. 20, 2015:   UPDATED TOC BELOW!

TOC Math 7 7+ revised

Click the link below to access the answers to the study  guide.  Unit2 Test tomorrow!

Review and Study Guide Answer Key P.1

Review and Study Guide Answer Key P.2

Thurs. Sept. 17, 2015:

CCM7 Multiplying Fractions and Mixed Numbers Notes

CCM7 Dividing Fractions and Mixed Numbers

Thurs. Sept. 10, 2015: TOC Math 7 7+ revised, IMN 1-23

Weds. Sept. 9, 2015:  Adding and Subtracting Mixed number videos

CCM7 Adding Mixed Numbers

CCM7 Subtracting Mixed Numbers Notes with borrowing

Tues. Sept. 8, 2015:  Click the link above each video to access the video note taking sheet.

CCM7 Adding Decimals

CCM7 Subtracting Decimals Notes

CCM7 Multiplying Decimals Notes

CCM7 Dividing Decimals Notes

Fri. 8-28-15:  Updated TOC Math 7 7+ revised for both the binder and IMN (composition notebook)!

The assignments marked with a red X  and highlighted on the 1st page are assignments that are being graded and not in your possession except Pizzazz 10 which was not collected today from the 7+ classess!

Sun. 8-23:  Below you will find the binder table of contents and the interactive math notebook (IMN)/ composition notebook table of contents.  For the IMN notebook, DO NOT tear apart any of your packets from last week until after they have been collected and graded.  Just number the pages but keep the packet stapled so that you will know where they go once I have collected, graded and then returned them to you!

TOC:  1. TOC Math 7 7+ revised       1. IMN 1-14

Mon. 8-24-15:  Translate Expressions and Write Equations

This is the video for the last yellow sheet in your video notes packet!

Thurs. 8-20-15: Combining Like Terms and Expressions video

Weds. 8-19-15:  Evaluating Expressions video 

Combining Like Terms Video (use to help you with your homework if you get stuck)

Distributive Property (use to help you review)

Tues. 8-18-15:  Order of Operations Homework sheets (the pages should be 3 and 4 not 4 and 5 oooooops!)

page 4

page 5

Mon. 8-17-15: WELCOME BACK!  TOC Math 7 7+ (Table of Contents)  pps. 1-18

Mon. 7-20-15:  View the video below on subtracting integers on a numberline and copy down some examples to help you.  You will need it for tomorrow because the sub may not be able to answer your questions.  Also fill in your multiplying and dividing integers video notes using the video .

subtracting integers on a number line

Click the link to get a copy of the notes if you loose your copy

Multiplying and Dividing Integers Notes

Tues. 7-14-15:  Subtracting Integers Video and notes

CCM7 Subtracting Integers

Mon. 7-13-15 – Obj. Integers and absolute value

CCM7 Integers and Absolute Value Notes (1):  You were given a copy but use the link if you lose or have lost that copy.

Fri. 7-10-15 – Obj. Combining Like Terms/Distributive Property

Use the video below to help you complete your distributive property notes.

Thurs. 7-9-2015 – Obj:  Combining like terms review!

Below are the notes copied in class today.  Make sure you get them copied if you didn’t in class!  There is also a video posted to help you with combining like terms homework!


Weds. 7-8-2015  – Obj.:  Order of operations review!

July 7, 2015

I am uploading the course syllabus and flyer to help you understand and sign up for remind 101.  Please take the time to read the syllabus and flyer for more information about the class and remind.  Each student received a syllabus today but I am uploading the document just in case it has been lost or a student was absent and need one.  Remember parents have to print and sign and students have to print and date the back, detach and return to school tomorrow.


syllabus CCMI Hall ECMS math 7 and 7 plus

remind 7 (invite)